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  • In-depth understanding: get a clear understanding of the 8 stages of the EMRAM model and their implications.

  • International use cases: find out how different healthcare organizations around the world have benefited from HIMSS EMRAM certification.

  • Tailor-made strategy: learn how Enovacom can guide you every step of the way to clinical excellence.

  • Save time: free up precious care time by automating and optimizing your data exchange.
HIMSS EMRAM: Enovacom's expertise

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Clinical and operational excellence is within reach. The Enovacom guide is designed to provide you with clear guidance and a step-by-step action plan to achieve and maintain the highest levels of the HIMSS EMRAM model.


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💡 Did you know?

Enovacom is a unique interoperability solution provider 100% dedicated to healthcare. For over 20 years, we have been committed to improving the day-today workload of caregivers by saving them time and effort through more efficient use of health data.


In 2018, we became the e-health branch of Orange. Since then, we have leveraged our global presence while maintaining a local approach to enhance our solutions.


Our expertise in health data interoperability enables healthcare professionals to protect, access, exchange, standardise and share their data.